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Looking for discount bathroom tiles in Adelaide? We are here for you!

All tiles from LJ Tiles are A-Grade premium quality.

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Our edge in the construction market is a summary of our product diversity, trusted manufacturers, sales expertise, and great deals and discounts. At LJ Tiles store Adelaide, we provide you only with tiles that are made by manufacturers who are compliant to Australia’s building standards as well as internationally recognised environment and forestry practices. Our product diversity and wide range of designs is suitable for every setting, theme, and customer’s personal preferences.

If your wish to achieve a natural look, we have timber styled tiles. For a more professional look, we have 3D printed porcelain tiles. Our tiles do not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or substance making them a safe material for your home. They are also very durable with high resistance to chipping, scratching, moisture absorption and discolouration due to UV exposure. Our tiles require only minimal maintenance and are easy to clean, therefore, takes very little time and effort from you.

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You can also select among our wide range of tiles store Adelaide designs at Or you may also come to our store at 584 North East Rd, Holden Hill SA 5088 .

Tiling adhesive supplier: RLA Polymers

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