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LJ Tiles has an extensive experience supplying top quality materials to construct appealing and functional pool areas with the use of glass pool fencing Adelaide. You can select among our wide range of toughened glass panels and stainless steel accessories for frameless glass pool fence and balustrade. All of our glass panels are certified and made with Australian standards. We stock toughened glass panels and spigots in our store and are also viewable at our online shop. With over twenty years of experience in supplying construction materials to Adelaide and South Australia, we are committed in delivering guaranteed quality products at truly unbeatable prices. Call us today and let us help you with your construction projects and glass pool fencing Adelaide needs. Our office number is (08) 7225 8420 or you may also contact Tom via mobile on 0421 697 018. Get in touch with us today and let us help you through your construction or renovation plan.

Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide



Safety And Functionality For Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide

All pool owners give high regard to safety and functionality of their pool areas. In turn complying with the standards set by the government. LJ Tiles offers all pool owners and those planning to construct pools a great selection of toughened glass panels for your glass pool fencing Adelaide needs. We offer different dimensions of glass panels depending on the design of your swimming pool area, but all have the standard thickness of 12mm. We also provide different spigots for various function. They are corrosion resistant and can withstand various weather and elements due to their high tensile and yield strength specifications. Check out our glass pool fencing products selection by visit our store at 584 North East Rd, Holden Hill. Where our accommodating staff can help you with your construction needs. We can process the delivery of these products to your construction site to make your shopping experience hassle free.

Compliant To Building Standards For Glass Pool Fencing

When constructing a new home or building or renovating parts of it. Make sure your process and materials always comply with Australian standards. LJ Tiles has made sure you can create a new pool or renovate an old one while abiding to safety standards set by the law. All our products are certified to be compliant to AS/NZS 2208:1996 Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings. Wherein we guarantee that we purchase only from manufacturers who give high regard to safety and durability of their products. LJ Tiles has been serving the Adelaide and South Australian construction industry for over 20 years and therefore know our products very well. We continue to evolve with the technology and customers’ needs. Our preferences in order to come up with the best line of products for all your pool construction projects. Entrust all your construction needs to LJ Tiles and get only the most stunning glass pool fencing results.

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